we are programmers
who build simple solutions for complex business operations
Established in 2003, we are on our 10th year offering all kinds of sms services to clients in Singapore.
We provide Software as a Service. Compared to the traditional method, the upfront cost to our clients is zero.
We do not bind clients with contracts, maintaining highest service standard at a reasonable price is our only approach to keep over 200 clients with us.

What have we achieved?

Singapore’s leading sms reseller
There isn’t direct statistics to prove who the top sms reseller is. We use average monthly sms sent & total no. of active clients/partners as a guide.

Where are we going?

Building services around replyx-sms to strengthen existing customer relationships as well as capturing new ones. See dnc registry and web apps for more details.
Ann Consulting Pte Ltd
BLK 1003

the world has changed
and we have changed too
replyx 2.0
2012 November

A complete re-design to incorporate "web apps" into replyx-sms.

Runs sms campaigns as usual. Add customized web apps.
replyx 1.0
2008 - 2012

All new user interface that uses AJAX for smoothest user interaction.
sms communicator
2003 - 2007

Our 1st sms blasting software.
SMS Marketing Customers
more than 200 active sms clients in singapore
Customised Web Application Customers
more than 50 web apps in our servers