sms gateway in Singapore
Focus on your core technology.
We run sms gateway behind the scene.

1. Integration via Email-to-SMS or Http-API

Email to SMS service
a) your app sends an email to replyx
b) replyx authenticates email validity
c) replyx sends out sms according to your email commands
Http Post & Http Get
a) your app calls replyx https URL
b) passes parameters such as mobile-no, message-text & sender-id
c) replyx authenticates your app's validity
d) replyx sends out sms according to your http parameters

2. Integration via Web Service ("WS")

replyx provides full set of web services for Minimum, Partial and Full Integration
Use "WS" to load contacts to our website and we take care
        of the sending from here
Use "WS" to login to our website to view live status & reports
You can opt any of the "Resell without replyx resemblance"
Use "WS" to send out SMS/Email directly from your
Use "WS" to fetch live status & reports data and display it on
        your application
Use “WS” to send out SMS/Email directly from your
Store live status and reports in your database via “WS”
        Events and a variety of other methods
I.e. Our servers fire a “WS” Event when SMS is sent; pass & fail
I.e. Our servers fire a “WS” Event when SMS is received
Display live status & reports on your application from your

3. Resell SMS Services without replyx resemblance

Use your own domain name
Configure your company and toolbar Icons
Configure your website through CSS
Your clients get their own logo in the website
Confidentiality for sms gateway services

4. Your mobile apps

SMS to specific ports
a) your mobile app is programmed to receive sms from specific ports
b) upon certain triggered event, replyx sends sms to your mobile app

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is it?
A. $0 for sms gateway api web-services. $0 for email-to-sms service. $0 for http & https sms-api. We charge by the number of successful sms sent out though our sms gateway. See pricing.
Q. Any discount for software company?
A. Yes. We have reasonable specially priced reseller rates for software and media companies.
more than 200 active sms clients in singapore
Customised Web Application Customers
more than 50 web apps in our servers