customized web applications
that run sms campaigns seamlessly
for aircon servicing
The aim was to model a typical aircon servicing company operations. Some of the key tasks are

create a calendar for techicians sorted by north/central/east/west zones
follow-up after every servicing job to track happy/unhappy customers
plan ahead whenever customers sign up new servicing package
sms/email notifications for quarterly aircon servicing

for facilities management
Implemented on more than 10 FM contracts, this web application is suitable for integrated facilities management main contractors and subcontractors who service specific equipment.

The standard service comes with 2 main features: -corrective maintenance (fault reporting) & preventive maintenance.


sms notification (and receive sms aknowledgement) to site technicians - case study LTA
iPhone/iPad Apps to achieve higher productivity - case study 7-Eleven
Depening on your requirements, add extra fault report source such as
• publicly available web-page to report a problem - case study Raffles Hospital
• converting a sms message to a new corrective maintenance case - case study LTA
• converting an email message to a new case
• converting an electronic signal from microchips installed in equipments to a new case - case study EM Services
for courier services
A complete frontend day-to-day workflow for a courier services company.
See case study TA-Q-BIN.
for 'anything'
We are actively creating web apps that natively connect to replyx-sms. These customized web applications are created from the ground up to model your business operations.

“From the ground up” software is usually expensive due to cost of extensive programming. Start-up cost is minimal with replyx because we provide Software as a Service (Saas).

The above for aircon servicing | for facilities management | for courier services are ~$5,000 start-up cost. See pricing.
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