Plan a format for lucky draw sms entry Choose a mobile number to run sms lucky draw and voting campaign Charts and Reports in Excel | Selects winners using lucky draw program
1. Plan a SMS format for consumers to send in. see sample. 2. Choose a number from our list and let us know your campaign duration. 3. View online statistics anytime and run lucky draw at end of campaign.

Run sms lucky draw & voting in 3 steps

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is it?
A. $20 per week if you are using a shared number. $60 per week for a private number. No charges for unlimited no. of sms entries. See pricing.
Q. Do my customers know whether their sms entries are accepted?
A. Yes, your campaign can be configured to check for entry validity and automatically reply sms (or email) to customers.
Q. How do I select winners from the sms entries?
A. Our online lucky draw software automatically selects winners.
Q. How to confirm that the selection of winners is unbiased and 100% random?
A. The programming source codes are provided with our lucky draw software as an assurance to our clients and auditors.
Q. Do you provide auditors to endorse my lucky draw?
A. Yes, we can assign external auditors to witness/endorse your lucky draw. On top of it, we can also assist you in preparation of CID documents.
Q) Choose a number from your list?
A) We have list of ~30 numbers to choose from e.g. 82888400, 83023399.
Q. Is there a nicer number?
A. Yes, you can order "golden" numbers from M1 through us.
Q. Can I use my own number?
A. Yes.
Q. 1st time here. Do you provide advices on the sms entries format?
A. Yes. We have run numerous similar campaigns. Contact us so that we can have Q&A via phone call, email or a meet-up. No obligations.
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