Features expected from typical sms services.
+ some game-changer difference.


Supports All Languages & Long sms
Unlimited Number of Recipients per Campaign
High Volumn sms Blasting
Personalized Sending with Name and values linked to a Contact
One click, sms to many contacts, in different messages according to contacts’ values.
Send NOW / Schedule to Send Later / Smart Scheduler
Smart Scheduler :-
One click, sms to many contacts, in different messages according to contacts’ values, delivered on different date/time.
E.g. Deliver sms 7 days before birthday
E.g. 3 hours before dental appointment
E.g. 3 months after contact lens purchase
Priority Sending
Specify your Auto-Unsubscribe Keywords
Specify your sms Working Hours
Set your own sms sending hours e.g. 10a.m. to 8p.m.
Specify your Auto sms Reply
Divert sms Replies to a Mobile Number
Use one corporate number to communicate with your customer.
Mainly used by our clients who are not always at their desk.
1. Your customer send you an sms
2. Our Server diverts this sms to your mobile
3. You reply to this sms
4. Your customer receives your reply from the same mobile number
Divert sms Replies to an Email Address
sms Template
Auto-Check for Invalid Entries
E.g. Oversea Mobile No. / Office or Home No. / Duplicates / UNSUB
Option to Include Oversea Mobile Number
Option to Include UNSUB contacts
Your customer has opt to UNSUB from your ADV but you may still want to send season greetings


The same replyx sms features
SPF, Sender-ID, Domain Keys & DKIM Authentication
Fixed IP Servers with Reverse DNS
Tracks Delivery, Opens & Clicks
Checks for spam traps & frequent complainers
Good Email Server Reputation
Click here to view our sender score.


Manage only 1 customer list
Use your existing customer list right away. Use all the values linked to each customer (Age, Birthday, Gender, Member Type, Appointment Time. Anything.). No restrictions. No need double-entry, import or upload.
Excel as Your Working Screen
It is the revolutionary way to load your contacts using Excel’s standard filtering tool. No limit to no. of fields. No extra programming required. Endless Possibilities. See screen shot.
Multi-User / Multi-Location / Real-Time Environment
Unlimited number of concurrent users from different locations sending out sms and viewing live status reports & sms replies.
Real-Time Live Status / Campaign Summary / sms Replies
Manage Unsubscribe Mobile Numbers & Email Addresses
Manage User Access
Secured Login with HTTPS / SSL Connection
Our clients can choose to use the Contact List in cases when they do not have a central customer database. Mobile Devices such as iPhone, iPad, Nokia E7 and Samsung Galaxy Pad, can use it to send out sms.
Apart from providing the Excel toolbar, we also provide an Upload Excel Utility for our clients to load their contacts. This utility is primarily used by our clients who use Apple Computers (Mac).
Supports Windows PC, Apple Computer and Mobile Devices
Non-Disclosure Agreement
We insist on signing the NDA with our clients upon confirmation of a sale and have been adhering strictly to it in our many years as a sms reseller.
Seeding Method
We recommend our clients to plant "seeds" into their customer list as a guarantee that we conform to the NDA.
1. Buy a new pre-paid SIM card (and do not use it)
2. Plant this SIM card number when you blast sms
3. Or use this SIM card to enter into your own lucky draw contest
4. Check this SIM card periodically to confirm there is no
    promotional sms from other sources

Personalized Reports for Lucky Draw / Data Collection Campaigns

Tabular Report / Summary
Chart Summary
Pivot Table / Chart Summary
Lucky Draw Software
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Customised Web Application Customers
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