Check the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY @ 1.2 cents

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use excel software check uploaded excel list sms text & sender-id
1. Use your Excel contact list
(or copy & paste from any file)
2. Remove invalid numbers
(and select Advanced options)
3. View customised dnc report
(and original dnc result)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why upload Excel? I thought it is a csv file?
You can use the standard way, csv. Just copy the numbers and paste at replyx-dnc and view the standard result. Excel is our unique add-on feature, as in you can use your contact names and other meaningful values e.g. membership, date-of-birth, products purchased. The contact names and values you use will be shown in your dnc-checked results.
Q. You remove duplicate and invalid numbers for me, I understand. What is "Advanced" options?
"Advanced" options is our unique add-on feature, it helps you filter out unwanted numbers before the dnc check. Depending on your preference, you can choose not to use the advanced options.
1) Your list contains home and mobile numbers, you may only want to check mobile numbers for sms broadcast
2) Replyx can keep track of your "unsub" list, you may want to exclude unsub numbers from the dnc check
3) Your previously checked numbers have expiry dates, replyx-dnc will tell you which are the ones that have not expire. You can choose to check all numbers regardlessly or check only numbers that have not expire
4) replyx-dnc has a list of numbers whom previously listed "no voice/text/fax", depending on your marketing activity, choose whether to re-check or exclude
Q. The original dnc result should be good enough. Why replyx customised report?
The original dnc result will be provided. Replyx customised report is our unique add-on feature, it shows you the orginal dnc result along with your customer names and other meaningful values.
Q. Do you check all my numbers? Another reseller tells me that you re-use other customers' data and save on dnc-checks, then make profit out of it.
We provide the original dnc result everytime you check-dnc, it serves as a receipt with's transaction-ID and the total number of dnc checks. Replyx has been providing reliable sms marketing services since 2003, we do not overcharge our customers.
Flexible Payment Option
1.2 cents
No Website Subscription Fee
No other fees
Pay-As-You-Use, Pre-Pay credits or Post-Paid
1) Most of our regular users are on post-paid
2) Pre-pay for users who check-dnc in small numbers
    e.g. ~ 1,000 per year
3) Pay-as-you-use for trial users
    e.g. 526 dnc-checks
Add-on Services at No Extra Charge
The Check-DNC-On-Behalf Service
1) Send us your excel file (or any file formats)
2) We acknowledge your request within 1 working hour
3) We send you the results within 24 hours
The Check-&-SMS-On-Behalf Service
We do not sell, trade or disclose your phone database to external parties. Our strict adherence to the Non-Disclosure Agreement is guaranteed; it is proven to our clients by the seeding method.
Server Infrastructure
The replyx-dnc and replyx-sms web applications & databases are hosted in a tier-3 data center so you can expect the highest server infrastructure grade.
Our own server rack in 1-Net Singapore
Dual Power Supply from Dual Power Generators
Highest internet connection SLA
Mirrored hard-discs
Automated daily full backup
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Telephone marketing is one of the avenues that a business uses to inform its customers and potential customers of its products and services. There are businesses that target companies using telemarketing while others target individuals. There is a debate whether telemarketing causes more harm than good because of the myriad of complaints from individuals who receive calls all the time without their approval. These calls are usually unwanted and annoying. For this reason, do not call registry in Singapore was established. As the name suggests, this registry is a database of phone numbers belonging to individuals. 

Although there are businesses calling people on the DNC registry list, the government of Singapore has decreed to give fines and penalties to businesses that do not comply to this legislation. It is important for businesses involved in telemarketing to check the registry list.

The DNC registry in Singapore will definitely have an impact on your business. If one of your marketing strategies is telemarketing, then it is important to check the dnc registry. However, business numbers cannot be registered. Therefore, you can still call these businesses and advertise your products and services. Additionally, businesses are allowed to call customers whom they have a relationship with. These customers can be called, even if they are on the registry. For customers whom have stopped having a business relationship with the telemarketing business, they cannot be called, if they are on the registry.

Individuals who are on the registry have a right to file a complaint after a month of registration, if they are still receiving telemarketing calls. Telemarketing companies found in violation of this rule are given a fine. The DNC Registry does not apply to government agencies. It is important for businesses to understand the rules of this registry and know how to handle these disputes to avoid getting fines and penalties that are unnecessary.